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Catholic Teachings

Reception of Holy Communion at Immaculate Conception Church

The Catholic Church has always had serious requirements for the reception of Holy Communion. Thus, all those who wish to receive Holy Communion at Immaculate Conception Church must:

  • Be validly baptized in the Roman Catholic Church. Due to irregularities sometimes found in baptisms since the imposition of the “New Order,” those baptized after 1970 must speak with one of the priests before receiving Holy Communion.

  • Have sufficient knowledge of the traditional Catholic catechism – such as the traditional Baltimore Catechism.

  • Firmly believe and profess all doctrines of the Catholic Church. One must believe and abide by traditional Catholic moral teaching, especially regarding purity and marriage. Anyone who has received a marriage annulment since 1968 must talk to the priest

  • Be in the state of sanctifying grace, having made a good confession to a traditional Roman Catholic priest and received absolution.

  • Be fasting from solid foods and alcoholic beverages for three hours and all other liquids for one hour. (Water does not break the fast and may be taken at any time.)

  • Attend only the traditional Latin Mass offered by a true traditional Catholic priest.

  • Be dressed suitably, i.e. respectfully and modestly (ask an usher for the flyer Standards for Dress).


Catholics believe that the church is the House of God and that the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle is the Real Presence of Jesus Christ, His body and blood, soul and divinity. Therefore, we expect all who enter this church to show great respect by the way they behave and the way they dress.

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